We're a small team with big ideas.


There's a better way to build software. Using an Agile process allows us to understand the problem quickly, craft the perfect solution and deliver value in weeks, not months.

As a cross-functional team of designers, developers, and data analysts we partner with you to find uncultivated opportunities in your organization. We service the entire project lifecycle, from idea to implementation. Contact us today for a free consultation.




Luke Heath
Partner, Technology

A 20 year veteran of the software industry, Luke started his career at America Online in '98 before spending over a decade leading agency partnerships with brands like Samsung, Microsoft and SanDisk.

Luke leads technology, software, project operations and client partnerships. 


Brandy Heath
Partner, Operations

An experienced marketing leader, Brandy started her career in the fast-paced world of newsweeklies like Seattle's infamous The Stranger before transitioning to the even more fast-paced world of software. 

Brandy leads back-office, administrative, financial and internal operations. 


Associates & Staff

Justin Griffith
Director of Engineering

Kirk Byers
Senior Software Engineer

Mike McNeil
Software Consultant

Ian Littman
Lead Software Engineer

Damen Gilland
Lead Project Manager

Daniella Floeter
Design Consultant

Russ Savage
Junior Software Engineer

Christian Serna
Solutions Architect